Do you have any vans that are built and ready for sale?

Very rarely! Most of our current production capacity is absorbed by client builds. Occasionally, we will list a “pre-built” van for sale. If you want to be informed about these sales, please sign up for our mailing list.

Does your price include the van?

Our price is for the build only. You buy the van, new or used, separately. We can help you with that part of the process.

Do you offer financing for your builds?

Yes! One of our local dealerships offers financing for both the van and the build combined as a standard car loan. We can also set you up with an unsecured personal loan with our partners at Hearth.

I want a Ready. Set. Van.! What’s next?

We take a $10,000 retainer to hold a build start date. We’ll talk in detail about your needs/wants and go from there.

I want a fully custom design/layout!

Due to current demand, we are not taking orders for fully custom layouts. However, we can customize specific features such as air conditioning, storage options, solar and battery capacity, etc.

I want to add an awning, door screens, off-road tires, a safe, and other cool things!

Great! We are authorized resellers for a lot of these items. If we’re not, or you want something special, we can almost certainly put it in your van.

Can you build a Basecamper in a Sprinter, Transit, NV, Vanagon, Airstream?I want a fully custom design/layout!

We currently are only building in the Ram Promaster 2500 159. We are very happy with this platform, but will be expanding to the Sprinter platform at some point in the near future.

Why the Promaster?

There are quite a few reasons why we started with this platform, but the primary two are availability and layout. The Promaster is the only van wide enough to fit a full-sized bed that’s perpendicular to the van. This gives more “living space” in the van without needing fender flares or “bump-outs.” The Promaster is also notably cheaper and easier to find used and new, while still being a solid front-wheel drive platform.

I’m pretty tall — is that a problem?

Maybe. If you’re over 6’1”, then it’s likely that you’ll bump into the ceiling every so often. You might want to come see one in person to see if you’re comfortable!

What is the payment schedule?

$10,000 retainer to hold the build date. 50% (including the retainer) of the final build price is due on the build start date. The remainder is due on pickup/delivery.

Will you ship me my van?

Of course! We love seeing clients pick up their vans in person, since we can walk you through everything, but we can also ship your van to you directly.

How much power do I need?

We’ll talk about this in detail. Without air conditioning, it’s likely that the base power setup will be plenty. A/C is the biggest power draw, but if you have special needs (dedicated computer workstation, for instance) you might want more power anyway.

How do you handle climate control?

Heat and A/C are both great options! If you’re skiing or doing #vanlife in early spring or fall, you’ll want a heater. Ours is gas-powered and keeps our vans toasty while being very energy efficient! For A/C, it’s an efficient, low-profile roof-mount unit.

What about solar?

We put solar on every build. 350 watts is standard if there is an AC unit on the roof. Otherwise we typically recommend 700 watts.
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