Which platforms do you work on?

We work on Ram Promaster, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, and Ford Transit platforms!

Specifically, the Promaster 136 High Roof (Joyride), Promaster 159 High Roof Regular and Extended (Basecamper, Highline, Gramercy), Sprinter 144 High Roof (Basecamper, Highline), Sprinter 170 (Hudson), and Transit 148 (Highline.)

Does your price include the van?

Our price is for the build only. You buy the van, new or used, separately. We can help you with that part of the process, and are happy to do so.

Do you have any vans that are built and ready for sale?

Very rarely! Most of our current production capacity is absorbed by client builds. Occasionally, a past client has been in touch to let us know that they are selling their RSV build - in that rare instance, we are happy to connect you with them!

How do I buy the van?

95%+ of our clients use our resources and connections to purchase their van. We maintain good relationships with dealerships that order vans for us, which we can pass to you. This speeds up the process and gets you exactly what you need for a successful build.

A small percentage of people buy a used van, or from a dealership that’s local to them. That’s great, too!

Do you offer financing for your builds?

We do not offer financing directly, and the vast majority of our clients provide their own financing. Occasionally, we are able to help connect you with financing, so please reach out with questions.

I want a Ready. Set. Van.! What’s next?

The process for getting a van in the short term (which, for us, means within the year) is fairly straightforward.

I want a fully custom design/layout!

Our layouts are fairly predefined, but the items that go in that layout are quite dynamic! We do a lot of different things, and have a lot of capacity for change. If one of our layouts looks close, but you’d like to make some minor changes, let’s talk about it! If you want something completely different, like two twin beds or a pop-top, it’s unlikely — but send us a message anyway.

I want to add an awning, door screens, off-road tires, a safe, and other cool things!

Great! We are authorized resellers for a lot of these items. If we’re not, or you want something special, we can almost certainly put it in your van.

Can you build a box truck, skoolie, ambulance, Vanagon, or other vehicle that isn’t a modern cargo van?

Unfortunately not. We love those things, but don’t build on them.

I’m pretty tall — is that a problem?

Maybe. If you’re under 6’1”, you won’t have any problems! If you’re over 6’1”, there are some considerations that we’ll have to take into account - contact us!

Will you ship me my van?

Of course! We love seeing clients pick up their vans in person, since we can walk you through everything, but we can also ship your van to you directly.

How much power do I need?

We are very proud of our compact, advanced, efficient power systems, and we’ll talk about this in detail. Without air conditioning, it’s likely that the base power setup will be plenty. A/C is the biggest power draw, but if you have special needs (dedicated computer workstation, for instance) you might want more power anyway.

How do you handle climate control?

Heat and A/C are both great options, and are standard on a few builds! If you’re skiing or doing #vanlife in early spring or fall, you’ll want a heater. Ours is gas-powered and keeps our vans toasty while being very energy efficient! For A/C, it’s an efficient, low-profile roof-mount unit.

What about solar?

We put solar on every build, the amount varying based on how much you can fit and how much is worthwhile for your needs!

Do you build on electric vans, like the Ford E-Transit or Mercedes eSprinter?

We haven’t yet, but we are looking forward to it!

How can I stay connected to the internet for work, TV, and general internet usage?

The options are constantly improving! We install a few different solutions: WeBoost, 5G antennas and routers, and Starlink. We even did a whole video on it!
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