Beautiful Homes, Built for Adventure

Whether you are a climber, biker, festival-goer, road-tripper, weekender or lifer, we’ve got you covered. Our super comfortable, highly functional off-grid adventure vans are a perfect fit for just about any lifestyle.
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Our love for building adventure homes started with a 38’ school bus we built for Burning Man. We did that—we loved it—and boy did we learn from it. It was an epic eight-month welding, grinding, decking, cabinet-making race to the finish. Big Larry Bus was an wildly ambitious project that pushed us well beyond our known limits, and gave us a love for the journey long before we drove a single mile.

These days, our journey is the art and craft of building highly capable and beautiful (van) homes for our adventure-seeking clients. We put our hearts and souls into every square inch of the vans we build, honored to create something so personal and meaningful for our clients.

Top Shelf Living, Standard.

We are artists, design addicts and sticklers for detail. We believe that whether we are inside or out, our environment has the power to feed and nourish our souls. That’s why we love the great outdoors, and that’s why we have the highest standards for every home we build.

Our kitchens boast commercial-induction cooktops, 80L fridges and deep stainless sinks. Expect a flawless interior with lots of convenient storage and seating designed for comfort. In addition to our standard build configuration, many clients choose to add options like air conditioning, heating, awnings and roof racks. Indoor showers are available in two of our standard layouts.

Beneath the surface of every Ready Set Van is an uncompromising electrical system that provides exceptional power for living off-grid in comfort for as long as you desire.

Basecamper Garage

Our Basecamper layout features a huge gear-storage garage below the bed. The standard configuration accommodates two downhill mountain bikes and a whole lot more. At R.S.V., we often put two bikes, two inflatable stand up paddle boards, two One Wheels (So much fun!) and a bunch of loose ends.

The garage also comes with AC outlets, 12v and USB charging so you can get your gear on. Also standard on Basecamper is an outdoor shower for rinsing off after doing something most likely awesome.

Ready. Set. Van. Electrical Specs

At Ready Set Van we employ the today's best battery technology so you have the power to go off-grid and never come back.

ReLion batteries are peerless lithium-ion batteries with a patented internal heating system that draws energy from your charging source to enable seamless performance in temperatures well below freezing. This ingenious solution will give you peace of mind knowing that your batteries are able to stay topped up while the temperatures drop.

Our 13,500 watt hour Tesla battery system got a lot of attention in 2020 when we first released it. By harnessing the incredible energy density of Tesla battery modules, we are able to pack an absurd amount of power into tiny little space.

Regardless of which battery system you select, your electrical system is configured with best-in-class components, and engineered to perform flawlessly so you can focus on the journeys ahead.

Off Grid
Off Grid AC
Off Grid Tesla
Battery Capacity (Watt/hr)
Battery System
Integrated Battery Heating
Fully Automatic
Fully Automatic
On Demand
Solar Charging
350 to 700 Watts
350 to 700 Watts
350 to 700 Watts
Shore Charging
1500 Watts
1500 Watts
1000 Watts
Alternator Charging
800 Watts
1200 Watts
1200 Watts
High Output
High Output
3000 Watt
3000 Watt
3000 Watt
AC Run Time (Battery Only)
4-6 Hours
9-13 Hours
11-16 Hours
Room for 2 full-size mountain bikes
Tons of storage options
Portable or composting toilets available

RSV Layouts


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If you want to pack all your favorite gear for the trip of a lifetime, we recommend the Basecamper build. The huge garage accommodates a TON of stuff while the living area is spacious enough for two-four people to chill in comfort. Basecamper is our most popular build and the van that R.S.V. crew members grab when headed out for an adventure.

Basecamper includes a 300ah Lithium-ion battery system, 3000-watt inverter, 350 watts of solar, induction cooktop and other standard system components.                    

Base Price: $42,750*

*pricing for 2021 builds


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Love the Basecamper layout but need an indoor shower? We’ve got you covered. You get the same deluxe kitchen, giant garage plus a deluxe shower and toilet with retractable shower door. The seating area moves forward and accommodates three people with swivel cockpit seats surrounding the dining table.

Highline includes a 300ah Lithium-ion battery system, 3000-watt inverter, 350 watts of solar, induction cooktop and other standard system components.                    

Base Price: $57,750*

The Wanderer

New build, Coming Soon

A fold-up Murphy bed is the core of The Wanderer design. The layout is perfect for people looking to explore the world without bikes and other gear that need to be stored inside a dedicated garage. The Murphy bed folds up and out of the way in seconds, allowing you to transform half the van into a large dining area capable of seating four-six people. Awesome for festivals and events, meeting new people out on the road, or lounging in your own private living area.

Basecamper includes a 400ah Lithium-ion battery system, 3000-watt inverter, 350 watts of solar, induction cooktop and other standard system components.                    

Custom Build

Limited Availability

Got plans for #vanlife that don't fit into one of our standard Layouts? Chat with us about doing a custom build. While we have very limited slots available for customs, and have to be quite selective, we love making people's dreams become a reality. Drop us a line and let us know what you have in mind.

Our Process

Reserve a Date

We begin by reserving a spot for you in our production schedule. After that, you can source a van (new or used) and deliver it to our shop. If you're out-of-state and are buying a new van from one of our local dealers we can arrange for them to deliver it for you.

A $10,000 deposit is due at this time.

Finalize the Build

Our standard layouts have a TON of options, so it takes a bit of time to decide on the full list of features and appearances that are going to make up your van. We help you along the way and explain everything so you can spec your van just right.

Get Stoked

It's happening. Your build team makes sure every detail is perfect and provides a constant stream of updates and photos on how your build is progressing. If you haven't already, you better start planning that first adventure!

50% payment is due at this time.

Start #Vanlife

We love delivery days. Smiles for miles. You'll get a complete walk-through of the van, its systems and answer any questions that you may have. We recommend that you plan to spend a night nearby while you get settled in your new dream machine.

Final payment is due at this time.

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